TORQUAY (Single)


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released June 10, 2015



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SANS Melbourne, Australia

SANS are Stacey, Amanda, Brendan and Frank - an indie-pop band from Melbourne, AUS.

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Track Name: Torquay
I got better, must've been the weather on the ground
Your feathers, wrapped around me
Blocking out the sound
The spinning
The vultures were grinning all around

Sent a letter
Spitting out my fears like this was armageddon
I thought that you might've let me down
So easy
My little heart was beating out of time

After I've caused some kind of disaster
And fallen down from the rafters
Promise to hold me and love me and know me tonight

If I shut my eyes
And tell little lies
Does it hide me well at all?
'Cause in the dark
We could be worlds apart
But I know, you told me
Your hands will always know me
There're some things that the sunlight doesn't show

In Torquay, my feet were frozen by the sea
I got a kick as the stars hit the beach
And darkness washed over me
In Torquay, my feet were frozen by the sea
I got the taste of youth stuck in my teeth
And young blood inside of me

We're floating and falling over the past again
Bad dreams left out in the dark
Well can you promise to hold me tonight?